Project information

  • Category: Web Projects
  • Client: Holberton School
  • Project date: 23 August, 2023
  • Project URL: Secretum Ministerium

Secretum Ministerium: A Mystical E-Commerce

Welcome to the enchanting domain of "Secretum Ministerium", an e-commerce realm born from the cryptic prompt "Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus" bestowed upon us by Holberton School. Over a span of two and a half weeks, Lindsey Thomas and I, unearthing our creativity, conjured an e-commerce platform that specializes in the arcane. Delve into a meticulously curated collection of magical protection and prevention items, from rare amulets to potent potions and the coveted invisibility cloaks. Crafted from scratch, this web project is an amalgamation of mystique and modern web design, bringing a mythical world to your fingertips.

Utilizing a potion of tools including HTML/CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap 5, Firebase, Procreate, and Midjourney AI, we ensured the website is not only immersive but also responsive and intuitive. We proudly present "Secretum Ministerium", where magic meets e-commerce.